Code of Conduct

Foreword from the management board

Dear Colleagues,

The commercial success of our company is closely linked to our assumption of responsibility in and towards our business. Compliance with the relevant national and international laws and standards contributes greatly to the achievement of this commercial success. An adverse reputation for our company caused due to infringements of applicable laws would hugely threaten our commercial success.

We work in a company that does not tolerate unlawful and unethical conduct. Therefore, it is a matter of course for us that in our actions we attach the greatest importance to compliance with the valid legal provisions and laws. This applies to each action undertaken by management board and the directors as well as by all employees of Blaser Group GmbH and its subsidiaries. The business success of the company must not be above the law and statute in any case whatsoever. The legally-compliant manner of achieving business success is just as crucial as the business success itself.

The aim of this Code of Conduct is to convey to each employee the values that must be applied and embodied in Blaser Group. It is to be used by all employees as guidance to support their daily actions and it will be complemented where required by detailed internal guidelines and a Compliance Handbook.

We therefore request that each individual employee exemplifies the values of this Code of Conduct and insist in your daily interactions with our customers and suppliers that these values are complied with.

Let’s use these jointly embodied values of our company to keep us on the consistent road to success!


Dr. Jens Uwe Drowatzky, CEO

Code of Conduct